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The National association of deaf and Hard of Hearing of the Republic of North Macedonia provided protective masks for the members of the associations with the support of the Ministry of labor and Social policy.
The NADHHRNM provided a huge amount of protective reusable masks for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons. All masks are stamped with the logo of the NADHHRNM in order to, the masks be used only by the persons for whom they are intended, namely the deaf and hard of hearing persons. The masks were provided by the funds from the regular grants of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The distribution of the masks is still in 18 associations, which are available in most cities in the country.

The initial amount of 1200 masks will be distributed to low-income people, on which the purchase of protective equipment would be a supplementary difficulty.

For the associations and the members of them, various means of disinfection of hands and spaces were provided. In the fallowing period, the NADHHRNM will undertake activities for protection of the health of deaf people.

The event, the election of a Miss and Mr. Deaf and Hard of hearing Persons that the National Association of Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Republic of North Macedonia was supposed to hold together with the youth association “Mlad znak”, this weekend, is postponed due to the measures and recommendations of the Government. The Miss and Mister, which will be held in Prague on March 25, will be fallowed today by an official request for a delay of at least 1 month for submitting applications for our representatives. We hope for a positive response and that this epidemic will soon be overcome.